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Release of new FAS Series 1.5-mm-pitch drawer connectors

1.5-mm-pitch drawer connectors of a relay-type cable

The "FAS Series" consists of drawer connectors with 1.5 mm pitch.
"Drawer" means a drawer, like a desk drawer. Drawer connectors are used for connection between units of box-shaped machines, such as connecting parts of copying machines, multifunctional machines, and amusement machines, and the connection between the main body and the panel attached to the equipment, which are opened and closed. Because there are many connections in the parts where the actual joints remain invisible, a proper guide mechanism, effective mating length, and floating mechanism are required.

KEL has so far released the 2.5-mm-pitch drawer connector "FA Series" consisting of board-to-cable connectors and cable relay connectors and the 1.5-mm-pitch drawer connector "FAS Series" consisting of board-to-cable connectors.

The cable-relay-type "FAS Series" to be released consists of cable-to-cable connectors, developed in response to changes in the market needs for products to be lighter, thinner, shorter, and better in quality. The FAS cable-relay-type connectors have three kinds of crimp contacts depending on the length, allow three-stage time-difference contacts (three-stage hot swapping) of power supply, ground, and signal at any place, and increase the freedom of design. Like the drawer connectors already on the market, widening of the guiding angle has facilitated the adjustment of the position for mating from oblique directions. A sufficient floating mechanism (maximum ±1.4 mm in the X and Y directions) is provided to reduce stress after mating. To enable its full use, the amount of the bumper guide is chosen to be as large as ±3 mm in the X and Y directions. Furthermore, pin buckling is prevented by the structure at positions where the contacts do not come into contact during guiding but meet each other only after they are well aligned. The concept of the pinching two-point contact and the effective mating length of 3.4 mm have realized a highly reliable connection. The rated current is 2.5 A with AWG#24. The connector is applicable to discrete cables of AWG24 ~ 28. The number of poles available extends from 4 to 40 with a pitch of two (19 different products in total) and can meet a broad range of needs.

<Main features of FAS Series>
- Cable-side connector (FAS01), board-side connector (FAS11), and cable-relay connector (FAS12) are available.
- Miniaturization of over 30% compared with the FA Series.
- A guiding mechanism that absorbs mating error of ±3 mm in the X and Y directions.
- Mobilization of the screwed part allows the movement of ±1.4 mm in the X and Y directions after mating.
- Highly reliable design with an effective mating length of 3.4 mm.
- Buckling of the contact is prevented by the pinching two-point contact structure, and the reliability is improved with a stable contact force.
- Hot-swapping (time difference contact) compatible products are available. (Cable-relay connector can withstand three-stage hot swapping)

<Main specifications of FAS Series>
- Insulator material: PBT (with glass fiber) UL94V-0, Black
- Contact material: [FAS01/12] Copper alloy, [FAS11] Brass
- Contact finish: [FAS01/12] Nickel-plated base; (Contact part) Gold-plated finish; (Crimp part) Tin-plated finish, [FAS11] Nickel-plated base, Gold-plated finish
- Washer and rivet material: stainless steel
- Rated current: (FAS01/FAS12)
AWG#24: Maximum 3.0 A per terminal.
AWG#26: Maximum 2.5 A per terminal (3A possible for 20 pins or less)
AWG#28: Maximum 2.5 A per terminal (3A possible for 10 pins or less)
AWG#24: Maximum 2.5 A per terminal (3A possible for 20 pins or less)
AWG#26: Maximum 2.0 A per terminal (3A possible for 10 pins or less)
AWG#28: Maximum 1.5 A per terminal (3A possible for 8 pins or less)
- Contact resistance: 30 mΩ or less
- Withstand voltage: AC 650 V, 1 minute
- Insulation resistance: DC 500V, 1,000 MΩ or more
- Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
- Insertion and extraction durability: 500 times
- Applicable cables: Discrete cables AWG#24/26/28 (outer diameter of coated cable φ0.88 to φ1.11 mm )

* More information for FAS Series from this page.