Business Overview

We carry out research and development at our head office and the adjacent R&D testing center. Connectors have some performance characteristics that do not appear in the specifications. This is KEL’s commitment to product development. KEL is continually researching and developing original products by applying advanced technologies and ideas, earning the respect of the industry. KEL’s technologies (and products) are highly valued by many customers.

We have our own parts machining (Minami-Alps) and assembly lines, offering an integrated system of production. We mainly manufacture products at our own factories (Nagano, Yamanashi) in Japan, and outsource production to domestic and overseas firms. We reduce lead time and respond flexibly to high-mix low-volume demand while maintaining a balance between fabless and in-house production.

KEL’s products are manufactured under strict quality management. We are certified for not only ISO9001 but the ISO/TS16949 (automotive quality standard) and have a strict quality management system. It is a high-level, total quality management system for managing product quality at not only our own factories but also domestic and overseas outsourcing companies.

Our sales and marketing department not only sells products but keeps in close touch with customers, heeds their comments, and offers proposals and consulting services beneficial to them. Each service involves new product development and market research, and responds to customers’ needs in a concrete form, such as drawings and samples. We also flexibly support overseas expansion in collaboration with our subsidiaries.