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Floating amount ±1.0mm, twice the conventional amount! Announcement of development of 30mm stack height type in "DT series"

KEL has developed a stack height 30mm type of 0.5mm pitch floating connector "DT series" for high speed transmission.

Previously, the stack height of the DT series was adjusted on the plug side, but this time we have developed a type where the stack height on the receptacle side is raised by 10 mm.

Combined with the 20mm height stack on the plug side, a total stack height of 30mm can be achieved.
The feature of the stack height 10mm bottom-up type is that the floating amount (movable amount) is doubled to ±1.0mm compared to ±0.5mm in the XY direction of the conventional product.
Despite the increase in the floating amount, the area occupied by the printed circuit board has been reduced by 8% compared to conventional products,
It also supports high-speed transmission, enabling high-speed serial transmission equivalent to 8Gbps.
Eight types of stack height variations, from 18mm to 30mm, have been realized by combining with existing plugs.
Seven types of pins are available, from 30 to 140.
0.5mm pitch floating connector compatible with high-speed transmission.
Supports high-speed serial transmission equivalent to 8Gbps in transmission characteristics.
Secure a high floating amount of ±1.0mm in the XY direction.
Highly reliable design with effective mating length of 1.5 mm.
8 types of stack heights are available: 18, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 mm by combining with the existing plug side.
7 types of pins for 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140.
Insulator material: Glass-filled LCP(UL94V-0), Black
Contact material: Copper alloy
Contact plating :  Gold over Nickel
Retention clip material : Copper alloy
Retention clip plating : Tin over Nickel
Dustproof tape material : Polyimide
Current rating : 0.5A per contact
Contact resistance : 80 mΩ max.
Dielectric withstanding voltage : 200V AC for 1 minute
Insulation resistance : 100MΩ min. at 250V DC
Operating temperature range : -40°C to +105°C

If you would like to know more about "DT series" stack height type, please contact us from here.