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Notice of new release of branch relay type "FW Series" 5.0mm pitch waterproof connector compliant with IP67

We are pleased to announce the following new branch relay type of waterproof connector “FW series” for 5.0mm pitch compliant with IP67.

1. Product Summary
"FW Series" is our first waterproof connector product.The protection class indicating the dustproof / waterproof performance standard for electrical equipment, etc. corresponds to “IP67”, and it is not only dustproof but also has excellent waterproof performance.

The best feature of this series is that it has the industry's smallest mating height and length as a 5.0mm pitch waterproof connector. The branch relay type to be released this time can reduce wiring inside the chassis by relaying and branching the cable. It can be passed through a duct with a minimum diameter of 32.6mm (4 pins), making it easy to check the circuit in a narrow space. In consideration of attaching the connector to a processed sheet metal such as a stay, the connector has a shape that can be easily attached with a binding band.

This series uses crimp contacts with the same shape on the plug side and receptacle side, which we have developed independently, in order to achieve a small but stable connection. High connection reliability is achieved by three-point contact caused by independent springs. In addition, the connector lock structure also has a solid click feeling, enabling secure mating. Excellent robustness prevents unintentional removal and maintains a stable connection.

The number of pins can be selected from 2/3/4 pins, and the housing color can be selected from white and black. The white and black color variations are assumed to be used in a wide range of markets, and in combination with plug-side connectors (FWP11 · 4 colors of white, red, blue, and black), it plays a role in improving work efficiency.

<Advantages of using FW series B (branch relay) type>

2. Features
●As a branch relay type waterproof connector with 5.0mm pitch, Realizing the industry's smallest class.
●The protection class against the insertion of foreign objects into electrical equipment satisfies “IP67”.
●Stable contact is always ensured by three-point contact of the same shaped terminal on the plug side and receptacle side.
●Highly reliable design with an effective mating length of 1.5mm.
 ●Reduces wiring by mating FWP11 (plug side) to FWB01 (receptacle side / branch relay type)
●There is a click feeling and adopts a robust lock mechanism.
●Housing color can be selected from two colors: white (natural) and black.

3. Product Specifications
■Insulator material : PBT (with glass fiber) UL94V-0 material, Color: White, Black
■Crimp terminal material : Copper alloy
■Crimp terminal finish : Nickel plating base (Contact part / Crimp part) Tin plating finish
■Seal ring material : Silicone rubber
■Rated current : [AWG#16] 10A max. at each terminal [AWG#18/20/22] 7A max. at each terminal
■Protection class : IP67
■Contact resistance : 20mΩ max.
■Withstand voltage : AC1,700V, for 1 minute
■Insulation resistance : DC500V, 1,000MΩ min.
■Operating temperature range : -55℃~+105℃

4. Target market
・Agri market (plant factory, dairy, paddy field, etc.)
・Lighting equipment market (LED display, street lamp, tunnel lighting, etc.)
・Air conditioning equipment market (Commercial Air Conditioner)
・Kitchen equipment market (business showcases, vending machines, coffee servers, etc.)
・Sanitary equipment market (toilet, bathroom, toilet equipment, etc.)
・Security market (surveillance cameras)
・Drone market / Other equipment market

You can download a catalog of the FW series from here.