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Notice of the development of "FTC Series" Variation

5.08mm Pitch Crimp Cable Connector,Two Cables Crimpable Type

This time, we will develop variations of the "FTC Series" connector that can crimp two 5.08 mm cables. After the drawer type (FTC01) and lock type (FTC02), which are the conventional lineup of the FTC series, this time, we will release the cable relay type (FTC12 / plug side).
Also, in combination with the cable relay type, 6 pins and 20 pins variations of the board side connector - Right angle type (FTC11) and the cable side connector - With lock type are added. For product variation, please refer to the following.

<Variation table for FTC Series>

In the future, we plan to release the straight type of the board side connector in August.
Also, we are developing the number of pins other than 6,12 and 20, and low price type of crimp contact (gold plating thickness 0.1μm) and we will  continue to expand the line up.
Please contact our sales representative for details.

<New product>
・FTC12: Plug (Cable relay type) 6/12/20 pins

 <Number of pins variation added>
・FTC02: Receptacle (Cable side connector:With rock type)  6/20 pins
・FTC11: Plug (Board side connector :Right angle type) 6/20 pins

<Features for FTC Series>
  ・This connector allows two cables to be crimped into one contact.
  ・Recommended cable is AWG # 14/16/18/20.
  ・The crimped contact of the cable can be mounted anywhere on the housing.
  ・By crimping two cables, space is saved and power supply can be transferred between
      the connectors.
  ・Mating error induction shape is designed to absorb ± 3 mm(0.118")gap
      in the XY directions.
  ・Movement of the screwed part of the cable side connector can absorb maximum
      ± 0.7 mm in the XY direction in mating condition. (FTC01)
  ・Highly reliable design with an effective mating length of 3 mm.
  ・Twin-Leaf Pinching 2 point contact structure prevents contact buckling and improves
      reliability with stable contact force.
<Product Specifications>
  ・Insulator material: PBT (with glass fiber) UL 94 V-0,Black
   ・  Contact material: Copper alloy
  ・Contact plating:
     [FTC0 □ / 12] Nickel Base (Contact area / Gold) (Crimping area / Nickel)
     [FTC11] Gold over Nickel
  ・Mounting bracket material: Copper alloy
  ・Mounting bracket plating: Gold over Nickel
  ・Washer / Rivet material: Stainless steel
  ・Current rating:
     [AWG # 14/16] Max 8.5A per contact (16A is possible when one contact is energized)
     [AWG # 18] Max 7.5A per contact (15A is possible when one contact is energized)
     [AWG # 20] Max 7.0A per contact (14A is possible when one contact is energized)
  ・Contact resistance: 10mΩ max.
  ・Dielectric withstanding voltage: 2,200V AC for 1 minute.
  ・Insulation resistance: 1,000 MΩ min. 500V DC
  ・Durability of insertion and withdrawal: 500 times
  ・Operating temperature : -55 ℃ to +105℃
  ・Tensile strength of crimped part :
     [AWG # 14/16] 190N min.
     [AWG # 18] 120N min.
     [AWG # 20] 75N min.
  ・Recommended cable: AWG #14/16/18/20
※The product catalog of the FTC series can be downloaded from here.