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Notice of New Release for the type with shell of DT Series

0.5mm pitch floating connector for high-speed transmission

At this time, KEL will release new type with shell in the "DT series" of high-speed transmission compatible 0.5 mm pitch floating connectors.
Photo1 : DT Series , Type with shell , 30pin

Product Outline
 The DT Series is a 0.5 mm pitch floating connector that supports high-speed serial-signal transmission equivalent to the SATA standard.  Three dimensional mating of stack, horizontal and vertical is possible.  Recently, we have added a high stack type that supports up to 20mm of stack height.  We are working on expanding product variations that satisfy our customers.

The new type with shell, which is to be released with the aim of further expansion of variations, is a product that assumes
ESD and EMC countermeasures. 
Surrounding the connector with a metal shell protects the signal from static electricity and noise, and touching the shells to strengthen the ground.
 The mating method is a stack mating (height: 10mm), and the number of contacts is 30 and 40 available.(See Photo 1)         We are also developing a 100 pin type. (See Photo 2)
Photo2100 pin type with shell of DT (under development)

We plan to expand the variation of floating connectors in the future. We will continue to develop products that meet the needs of our customers and develop them in the market.

In addition to the type with shell, which is now released, the DT Series has a large lineup of products.
 Please note that the number of pins may vary depending on the product type.

Target market equipment>
 Automotive equipment , Factory automation equipment , Amusement machine , Medical equipment , 
   Image equipment , Communication equipment , and other small-sized equipment
Product features
 ●This 0.5mm pitch floating connector supports high-speed transmission.
 ●The transmission characteristics satisfy all the requirements of SATA Rev 3.0.
  Supports high-speed serial transmission equivalent to the SATA standard.
 (Differential impedance: 100Ω±15%)
 ●The floating amount is ±0.5mm in the XY direction.
 ●Effective mating length 1.5 mm high-reliability designs.
 ●By surrounding the connector with a metal shell, ESD and EMC measures are taken.
 ●Both plug and receptacle are available in straight type.
      The fitting height is 10mm when the stack is connected.

 ●The number of pins corresponds to 30 and 40 pins. (Underdevelopment of 100 pin type)
 ●The contact point has an arc shape, it is a structure that does not easily bite foreign matter.
 Please refer to this page for details of DT series products.