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Notice of Release of DY Series Gold Plating Thickness 0.1μm

0.5 mm pitch Floating Connector

At this time, KEL has released a 0.5mm pitch floating connector "DY series" with contacts of 0.1μm gold plating thickness.
The performance of the product is equivalent to that of the current product (gold plating thickness: 0.25μm), and the product can be used with peace of mind.
DY series will continue to sell the current products that have long been favored, but in addition, please consider gold-plated 0.1μm thick products
Released products
    0.5 mm pitch floating connector "DY Series" with a gold plating thickness of 0.1μm.
    Gold plating thickness of existing products.

  <Order Code
 DY0□-□□□SB-□-□□ (Receptacle
 DY1□-□□□ □□B-□-□ (Plug
 ※The order code of the gold-plated 0.1μm-thick product is obtained by adding "B" next
  to the tail shape (S:straight, FS: flexible straight, and L: right angle).
You can download a catalog of the DY series from here.