<Development concept “NeGSSUC">

TSL series was developed as a next-generation coaxial harness that supports high-speed transmission in response to new AWG#36, 500mm technological innovations such as 5G IoT AI with the development concept of "NeGSSUC = Next Generation Super Speed Micro (μ) Coaxial Connector".
In order to maximize the performance of the connector, high-performance 32Gbps high-speed transmission was achieved by using a high-performance coaxial cable "RUOTA" manufactured by Totoku Electric Co., Ltd., which has little attenuation and delay.
In high-speed transmission, the quality of the cable assembly is said to affect its performance.
KEL processes harnesses at designated factories and performs 100% inspection at KEL factories, so we can provide harness products that guarantee high-speed transmission.
TSL series is a product that takes full advantage of the high-speed transmission technology that KEL has cultivated so far and is responsible for the next generation of interconnection.
* "RUOTA" is a registered trademark of Totoku Electric Co., Ltd. No.5594596

<Target equipment>



 1. 32Gbps differential high-speed transmission enable

        TSL series is a next-generation harness with a harness length of 1,000 mm and high-speed differential
       transmission of up to 32 Gbps.
       0.55mm pitch, 31 pins, 10 differential pairs (20 coaxial AWG # 32 wires), and 1 harness enables
       320Gbps transmission. High-speed signal support is realized by low loss and low skew.

 2. Signal integrity design

   Impedance control by adjusting the material, shape and dimensions of the connector. 
          >>Improvement of attenuation and countermeasures for resonance.

          In addition to impedance control, measures are taken to prevent resonance by making
         the ground connection and transmission path gentle.

   Reduction of infiltration of insert parts and minimum design of stub parts. 
          >>Attenuation improvement

      Effective mating length for contact reliability is 0.5mm,the amount of infiltration of the
           insert part is reduced. Stub length, which affects transmission characteristics, is also
           optimally designed.

   Multi-point ground design >>Noise(EMC)measures

      The right angle type (TSL00-31L) has 24 ground points, and the straight type (TSL00-31S)
           has 15 ground points. A multipoint spring contact is used for the ground between the
           connectors. The figure below shows the right angle type (TSL00-31L).


 3. Combination with high-performance coaxial cable (RUOTA)*

    Low loss and low skew can be realized by combining with high performance coaxial cable
      "RUOTA ".

        * " RUOTA" is a registered trademark of Totoku Electric Co., Ltd. No.5594596

   Cable length and bit rate guidelines

      Harness length is compatible with 100 to 6,000mm. Please contact us if you want a shorter
           or longer harness length. Recommended coaxial cables are AWG # 32 and AWG # 36.

   High quality as a harness product

      TSL series is guaranteed as a harness product, so you can use it with confidence.
           Harness processing is performed at the factory designated by KEL, and all parts are
           inspected by KEL before delivery.
           If the length of RUOTA AWG # 32 is up to 1,000mm, the skew in the pair is guaranteed to
           be 10ps.

   Skew / phase change due to cable bending

           The following is the result of skew measurement due to cable bending.
           It can be used without problems even in small equipment.

 4. Variations that expand design possibilities / Pin assignment


           The connection method supports vertical connection and horizontal connection.
           The straight type (TSL00-31S) has a suction tape and supports automatic mounting.

   Pin assignment

           For AWG#32, 20 coaxial connections are possible with 10 differential pairs, and for 
           AWG#36, full connection (31 coax) enable.
           Please feel free to contact us, as we can flexibly support other than the following

 5. Lock mechanism for easy insertion and removal that improves workability

   It Has a lock mechanism with a click feeling, and pull-tape allows easy and reliable removal, thus improving workability.

<Custom harness support>

 KEL offers custom harness products that meet customer requirements. Designed by harness specialists, KEL will procure and manage parts such as cables. Furthermore, the quality of the finished harness is guaranteed, so customer can use it with confidence.