Creating one-of-a-kind products

As a connector manufacturer, KEL has achieved many results since its foundation.

As a connector manufacturer, KEL has achieved many results since its foundation.
We provide highly original, one-of-a-kind products in response to a wide range of needs, by anticipating trends in the electronics market, where high-quality and high-functionality products are required, and by placing emphasis on communication with customers.
We will continue to create, for society, products comparable to those of the world’s connector manufacturers by applying technical capabilities that we have developed through our independent research and development.

Product Category


We offer rich variety of unique products under a development concept based on miniaturization, densification, and high-speed transmission capability. In recent years, we have developed new connectors adaptable to unexplored fields, such as high-current connectors.


We are conducting our harness business using various cables such as flat cables, micro coaxial cables, and crimping cables. We also have a dedicated department for harness assembly technology, and offer a system to respond flexibly to requests of special assembly specifications from customers.


KEL has a track record of over 40 years in rack products and offers integrated services including design, development, manufacturing, and evaluation. We design and manufacture a range of products from various backplanes and bus racks, such as VME and CPCI, to peripheral devices and parts. We also offer flexible customization.

Other Products

We offer IC sockets, optical adapters, and various connector jigs (IDC, crimping, etc.). We also proactively develop customized products compliant with customers’ required specifications, such as connector removal jigs.