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Environmental policy

KEL's objective is to be an environmentally friendly company. We strive to protect the environment in all our products and activities, ranging from the design and development to the production and sale of connectors, sockets, harnesses, racks, and peripheral equipment.

  1. We strive to continually improve our management system and prevent any environmental pollution caused by our business activities or products.
  2. In addition to observing environmental laws and other requirements, we strive for environmental protection by establishing our own standards as required.
  3. We have established specific objectives and targets for our organizational activities to protect the environment, and periodically review them. All our employees are involved in these efforts, which are based on our action plan.
  4. We emphasize the following four areas in our efforts.
    1. Reducing waste material
    2. Promoting the reduction of energy and resource use
    3. Controlling chemical substances in an appropriate manner
    4. Conducting environmentally conscious product design and development
  5. We make all our employees thoroughly aware of our environmental policies through environmental education, and improve their recognition and awareness of environmental issues.
  6. We also publicize this environmental policy to the general public.