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Message from President

Message from the president, Etsuro Doi and KEL's corporate philosophy.


Since our founding in 1962, KEL has specialized as a manufacturer of industrial-use connectors. As the trend toward the miniaturization and ever-higher performance of electronic equipment continues to press forward, we have maintained our track record of pursuing outstanding connectivity attributes and high performance in our products.

Relentless research and development has endowed KEL with leading-edge connection technology, such as half-pitch connectors, which we developed one step ahead of the competitors. Drawing on our know-how and long experience, we have acquired the technology and response capability to meet the every need of the electronics industry.

KEL places the utmost importance on the communication we have with our customers. Close communication enables us to identify not only the customers' needs that we must fulfill, but also the "wants" that will lead to the next generation. Moreover, through close application to original R&ampD activities, KEL has also taken the lead in providing products that stand ahead of the rest.

To achieve the bright future that electronics beckons us to, we at KEL are resolved to continue our hard work in the field of connection technology to deliver leading-edge technical proposals and high-performance products. KEL is a company that responds creatively to the steeply advancing technologies and markets. Expect to see that same spirit of innovation and response capability from us going forward.

Principles of Management

  1. To be a reliable corporation, based on open and fair business practices.
  2. To study and develop state-of-the-art technologies, and to supply attractive products that exceeds the requirements of our customers.
  3. To focus on maximizing individual capabilities, to enhance creativity and teamwork.
  4. To materialize long-term and stable growth and live-and-let-live through efficient management.