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Company overview

KEL company profile

Basic Information

Established July 23, 1962
Total Capital 1,617 Million Yen
Total Turnover 9,671Million Yen (March 2017)
Sales by product range
Employees of Facilities 307
President Etsuro Doi
Head Office Address 6-17-7 Nagayama, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-0025, Japan >MAP
Our Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
Mizuho Bank, Ltd
Board of Directors President (General Manager, Sales) Etsuro Doi
Managing Director (General Manager, Engineering) Akira Shimada
Managing Director (General Manager, Administration) Takeyuki Mikuni
Director (General Manager, Manufacturing) Toshihiko Hara
Director and Member of the Audit and Supervisory Committee Hidetoshi Kikuchi
Director and Member of the Audit and Supervisory Committee Masaru Shirakura
Director and Member of the Audit and Supervisory Committee Daisuke Izumisawa


1962 Established in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Started production of board connectors and PCB
1964 Succeeded in first domestic production of cross-contact connectors
1967 Head Office and Factory moved to Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Came to market with KEL racks
1972 Osaka sales office opened
1975 Nagoya sales office opened
1976 Came to market with IC connectors
1980 Utsunomiya sales office opened
1981 Came to market with Optical connectors
1982 Yamanashi factory started operations(Minami-Alps factory of current)
1984 Came to market with half-pitch connectors
1987 Head Office moved to Tama, Tokyo
1988 Mito sales office opened
1989 North American Branch Office established
1990 Parts processing line completed at the Yamanashi Factory
1992 Nagano factory started operations
1994 Came to market with battery connectors
1996 Assessment and registration of ISO9001(obtains certification)
1998 Came to market with micro coaxial cable connectors
1999 Came to market with ISO card connectors
2002 Assessment and registration of ISO14001(obtains certification)
Built and began operating the Environment Test Center
2004 Listed stock on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange
Established subsidiary "KEL Taiwan Co., Ltd" in Taiwan
2005 Came to market with floating connectors
2008 Established subsidiary "KEL (Shanghai) Corporation" in China
2009 Came to market with crimping connectors
2010 Awarded the management system registration secular Award
2012 The 50th anniversary foundation
2013 Yamanashi factory started operations
2015 Assessment and registration of ISO/TS16949(obtains certification)
2017 Established subsidiary "KEL Europe GmbH" in Germany